ATS Automation Tooling Systems


  • We are one of the world leaders in automation technology.
  • We are constantly expanding – it is up to you to decide what this means for you.
  • We want you to enjoy your work and look forward to every new project and every new challenge.
  • Your development and your career is also our future.
  • We are not just any springboard – we are the target.


Become part of the global ATS world. We take your career seriously because we want you to further develop your experience and knowledge and use it to the benefit of our customers – for many years. How can you tell? Workshops and training sessions? Of course! But regular workshops with the global CEO for selected talents? There is no chance you’d get that with other companies!


Come over and let us show you the world of ATS. Whoever has walked through our hall and experienced how we drive cutting-edge technology and whoever understands that this can only be achieved in a collegial manner and as one team, will want to stay (i.e. complete his training with us). Just give us a call and pay us a visit. What you learn with us will last for life.