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For all those who have no time, little space and highly complex tasks to cope with, and who love absolute precision. The ATS SuperTrak is a revolutionary pallet transport system based on linear motor technology with a cycle rate of up to 120 parts per minute. Multiple sub-programs on the same line enable automation that is every bit as fast as it is flexible. The ATS SuperTrak™ represents an unprecedented breakthrough in quick, pallet-based transport technology and pays for itself in just 12 months.

  • Separately controllable pallets can be transported at speeds of up to 2.5 m/s and a stopping repeatability of ± 0.01 mm.
  • Each SuperTrak™ shuttle can hold up to 10 kg in weight (even more upon request).
  • The SuperTrak™ can be completely reprogrammed “on the fly” for unsurpassed production flexibility with the unique TrackMaster™ software.
  • The SuperTrak™ is extremely clean, works at a noise level of just 70 dB and is considerably smaller than conventional transport systems.

Benefits and features

The fully programmable, independent and precise control of the direction, acceleration, speed and position of the pallets at each point of the system renders mechanical stopping devices superfluous and prevents the pallets from coming into contact with each other. This reduces impact loads of the parts to be mounted and simplifies automatic queueing at work stations. Thanks to the installed pallet ID, the monitoring network knows where the pallet is located in real-time without requiring any external wireless or mechanical indicators.

SuperTrak™ has a simple, modular design with no sensors, actuators or mechanical drives, which can be reconfigured for new applications. Fully integrated modules contain all servo drives and controllers and can be extended to over 40 metres. The system can be reprogrammed “on the fly” by means of the innovative SuperTrak™ TrackMaster control software. Since there are no lifting or locating devices and fewer auxiliary devices than with conventional systems, the equipment is simplified enormously.

The option of quick, simple reprogramming, as well as the possibility of handling various pallet sizes, allows multiple programmes to run on one line. Through this, it is possible to achieve short “build-on-demand” operations and the production of component families with different geometries, which in turn requires less material stock.

Thanks to the integrated X-axis operation, there is no need of hoisting, locating or transfer devices nor pick-and-place auxiliary equipment, meaning cycle times are reduced to an absolute minimum. The pallet positioning is extremely accurate and perfectly suited to assembly processes, such as tightening screws and topping up with fluids.

Unloaded pallets can be moved independently between individual stations at full acceleration and speed.

The cantilever design allows full, multilateral access to the pallets and adjusting devices. Assembly on pallets can be carried out directly using tools that can be positioned both above and below, thus rendering the use of a handling system superfluous.

There are barely any moving parts that wear or need maintenance.

Since there are only a few moving parts, there is no soiling risk, as is the case with conventional belt and chain conveying systems. As a result, the SuperTrak™ is extremely clean and produces less than 70 dB of noise during operation.

Through direct assembly on the pallets, you do not need any additional handling systems and further stations. This means the SuperTrak™ is significantly more space-saving than conventional transport systems.

The urethane wheels on the stainless steel tracks keep the system clean and ensure a long service life due to minimum possible wear.

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